Software integration platform  Advanced for the integration of all systems, in On Premise or Cloud technology.


Thanks to our AdvantLink Server Software we are able to integrate with any current, future or past system.

The basic AdvantLink software license includes interface with equipment Advantecnia, VoIP and Pager Messaging (Android).

Each integration needs a DATAPOINT that allows you to monitor and manage the system from our platform.

With integration we can act in a bidirectional between the different DATAPOINTS or interfaces.

  • Payment by License or SaaS

  • Alarm Integration

  • Multiplatform / Multilanguage

  • Nurse Call System

  • Wireless alarm system

  • Voip/SIP

  • Two-way Instant  Messaging Indoor / Outdoor

  • Mobility Tablets / SmartPhones
  • Alarms of Vital Sensors and environmental

  • Fingerprint

  • Integration with:

    • Control of Access

    • Cameras

    • RTLS

    • Falls Detection

    • Alarms of Fires

    • BMS

    • Other Call nurse systems with Protocols generic or Specific Softwares

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