Advantecnia specializes in hospital systems such as care communication, automation and security, and management and entertainment. We offer a comprehensive service.

Communication Assistance

Hospital communications management communications management solutions, patient call system, nurse call and entertainment, specially designed for ease of use and accessibility and accessibility with large buttons and buttons and Braille. Solutions solutions for assisted bathrooms, Signaling and Public Address. They use IP technology and IP technology and wireless devices.


Advanced Software integration platform for the integration of all systems, in On Premise or Cloud technology. Our AdvantLink Server Software is able to integrate with any current, future or past system.

Automation and Security

Automation and Security in Infrastructures. Infrastructure Control, video surveillance, Access Control, Public Address and Industrial Clock, among others.

Management and Entertainment

Advanced systems for Management and Entertainment that allow the addition of additional services in the Healthcare Centers using the same IP infrastructure of the centers such as: Shift Systems, Video Streaming Systems, among others.